You are ready to step into a new role outside of Motherhood; but then you talk yourself out of it becasue you’ve aged, and self doubt is now your full time companion.

The idea of starting over again—aka—reinventing yourself is overwhelming. You don’t know where to begin, so you close your laptop and nip and tuck these feelings away.

Deep down you want to reinvent yourself, but you lack confidence and clarity.  You’ve lost your identity outside Motherhood and your mind is constantly coming up with reason’s why you are not smart enough, not good, not young enough.

I know, becasue I’ve been there. I was my own worst critic.  I told myself that when the time was right I would just start no problem. But the truth was, my confidence was shattered.

It wasn’t until I started taking steps towards the things that pulled my heart, that my life and confidence started to change for the better.  Finding something that I loved to do became my Passion Project.  But wait, I wasn’t ready to be seen or share my passion project with the world. 

I’m Mary Ann Skaro, and I help Moms be Seen, by uncovering their confidence so that they feel comfortable taking the first steps in pursuing their passion projects.

As you begin to move through my confidence program, you will uplevel your whole lifestyle; the way you talk to yourself, the way you walk into a room full of strangers, the way you express youself, the way you show up for yourself, and so much more.