As a parent you feel frustrated that technology is distracting your kids from physical activity, or from reaching their full potential at school, and is harming their developing brains. I know because I’ve been there.

I’m Mary Ann Skaro, founder of I help families become less connected to their digital devices, and more connected with each other.

I used to be that mom: the Ipad was babysitting my kids. Where my kids didn’t want to sit through a meal without watching TV or their phone. And worse… I wasn’t able to either!

You might be a mom too – struggling to juggle it all. Turning on the TV, or handing your phone feels like an easy out (despite the slight guilt). The practice of unplugging becomes the essential antidote to isolation, disconnect, and a sedentary lifestyle.

It wasn’t until I created a media plan, that I started to see a shift in my family. I know I can help you, to create more family time in this digital world.