The fiber of our lives is what’s in between one facebook picture and the next.

What a beautiful day—my daughters first communion and my youngest sons 4th birthday on the same day. This picture looks like we have it all together, but there was so much work to get to this point.  Yes I admit that I wanted to have a picture perfect day, including a few great family photos.  It always makes me laugh when we take a family photo like this because there is always so much energy just getting the kids to stand still, and smile.   Heck just getting them all dressed, hair combed and keeping them from jumping in the flower garden is a chore. 

Prior to the big day it took me the whole week just to convince my oldest son to wear this formal suit.  After much negotiating and nagging he reluctantly said okay.  He agreed to this arrangement because he said that he looks like an owner of a ‘Porsche Dealership’—yes that is his dream.  

Let me tell you he was not a happy camper, because he is very picky about his clothes.   His socks, his t-shirt, pants and every little detail in between needs to be just the right material and fit.  It was one of those “Mommy” moments when I wanted him to look and act the way I thought was right—regardless of what he wanted.  As usual my son continues to teach me the greatest lessons.  In this case it was about just allowing his spirit to shine through his own style, while honoring his essence.   Don’t get me wrong I’m not a permissive parent, rather we provide boundaries and discipline, which gives each of them structure and routine. 

The day turned out great although I wish I took some pictures of us getting ready—hilariously chaotic—all over the place.  I’m learning to go with the flow in those moments of imperfection because that’s what’s real to me.  It makes me a much happier Mom when I accept all my imperfections, and just accept things as they are—sometimes just all over the place.

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  1. It is the process and the in-betweens that count in the end, you are totally right and for me, what makes us all unique humans, is the most valuable gift of them all! Congrats to you and your family for getting there despite the “turbulences” 🙂

  2. thedaydreamerdiary says:

    Ok, I had just left a comment and psssshhht, it has disappeared… I wanted to tell you that it’s the in-betweens and little glitches that make us all unique humans and therefore interesting. In the end, this is a valuable gift to cherish. Congrats to your family for the process and achievements! All the best!

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