Busy Moms- Do you want to feel more productive and efficient?

I am a visual learner which means that I process information preferentially form images, pictures, colors, and maps. When I apply these same concepts to setting goals in a MAP (meaningful action plan), I realize that I often achieve the goals that I write down using colorful images. Making my goals visually appealing works for me—why? Because the act of writing and organizing my thoughts this way allows me to visualize the goal becoming a reality.

I love setting goals for myself because it keeps me moving in a direction that makes me feel productive, and like I am living an impactful life. I’ve realized that if I don’t continue to set goals for my personal and professional life that I become stagnant and stuck in a rut.

Step 1:  Find an area in your life you want to improve and/or change

Step 2: Set specific goal(s) around that area

Step 3:  Identify some measure of the goal(s)

Step 4:  Develop a timeline

Step 5: Find an accountability buddy, someone who can hold you to your goal(s) and talk you through your struggles.

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