Super Charge your Goals

You have a feeling that there’s something in your life you want to change, modify, or enhance but you don’t know where or how to begin.   So you go on with your life day after day doing things that just frankly fill up your time. 

When my two older kids were graduating kindergarten they came home with a huge bag filled with all their projects, and art work they accumulated throughout the year. I remember thinking gosh they did so much in nine months, they grow both intellectually and physically—the changes were so incredibly visible. I knew that I wanted my own life to match that type of productivity.

Early on children are guided by the structure and routine of the educational system to achieve their academic, emotional and personal milestones and goals. Their maximum productivity is achieved with the help of their parents, teachers, and mentors. As a Mom I felt that I wasn’t on that same steep climb of productivity anymore. Instead I felt like I was moving aimlessly from one task to the next, not getting closer to my goals–provided that I even had them.

Setting goals is so important—as those who set goals are most likely to achieve them and succeed.   I like to take it one step further and super charge my goals by writing and making my goals look visually appealing—why because visually beautiful things inspire me, give me clarity, focus and get me moving towards action.

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  1. hi mary ann, i definitely find myself much more productive when i write down my goals!

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