Connecting through Creativity-How a Picture tells a thousand words.

How do you get your children to open up and tell you about their day? I mean get them to tell you the good, bad, sad, and proud moments they had that day or that week? Try connecting with them through a creative, fun, maybe messy art activity. Sometimes children don’t have the language to articulate their feelings and emotions, and doing an art activity together allows them to express themselves in their own way and style.

If you’ve never done this sort of thing before you may not know where or how to start.

In this picture you will notice the following supplies:

– Magazines—here we decided to make it a world cup soccer theme


-Colored paper



Sit with your child and start cutting, gluing and talking about their day. Giving them this open space to allow whatever they want to come through is important. Sometimes the simple act of your child spending this fun, messy, quality time with you enables them to relax and enjoy the process. As they relax into the activity it’s amazing how their minds and hearts begin to open up and they start sharing more of their day/week with you.

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  1. very good point! these activities help us get out of our left brain and opens up our feelings!

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