Achieving Happiness through Work-Life Balance

The past year I’ve been investigating the topic of work-life balance.  It has become a passion of mine, so much so that I help Moms in this area. Perhaps it’s because I personally know all too well the side effects of an unbalanced life.  For me as a stay at home Mom I wanted more work related activity in my life, things such as writing, researching and creating. My life became unbalanced because I was doing everything for my family and ignoring my professional development. When I became clear and started to renew my career priorities I was able to reach a greater degree of fulfillment. For me it was about creating a “work-life plan”. On the other hand I coach a lot of working Moms who wanted more meaningful moments or experiences in their lives. For them I’ve created individualized “life-work plans”.

What I’ve discovered is that a happy life exists when we become intentional about the kind of life we want to create, then make choices, and take action in the desired direction.

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