How to set the stage for the second act in your life?

Deciding to change careers or to re-enter the workforce in a completely new field can seem overwhelming.  At this stage it’s normal to have lots of ideas about what you might do. One day you may wake up and think you always wanted to turn your garage into a Harley Davidson repair shop—the next day you may be thinking a career in sports medicine is your passion. Or that you’ve always wanted to become an art teacher or that you’d like to be a wine sommelier.

Whatever captures your heart at this very moment—stop—and think about the following three points.


  1. PLAY with the ideas. Now is a good time to explore your passion(s)/interest(s) and Not to lock yourself into definite plans.


For example if you think that sports medicine is your thing then go ahead and spend some time researching and gathering information. Or maybe you see yourself spending your days teaching art to a group of aspiring nine year olds. If this is the case, maybe spend a week or two coming up with fun, and engaging art projects that a nine year old would like. Before replacing your kids’ bicycles for your Harley Davidson paraphernalia spend some time scanning your environment for similar repair shops in your area. Wine tasting maybe your passion but perhaps it’s just the tasting and not so much the wine-food pairing process.


  1. Give yourself permission to dream about all the possibilities before quitting your day job or using your life savings and resources. Wait until an idea has felt right for a couple of months before you commit to planning the next steps and making it part of your new life.


  1. If after all this you still want to pursue your passion then begin taking small turtle steps everyday—bringing you closer and closer to your second act.

And what if you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing next. If you’d like some help contact me at

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  1. yes! those turtle steps!!! they sound UN-exciting but they are sooo important! x

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