Women helping Women to succeed—Fashion Designer Eileen Fisher’s path

My true passion and purpose is working with Moms who want to live fulfilling lives. I do this by helping them create their own Meaningful Action Plans (MAP)! Every women’s MAP to fulfillment and renewal is different, and the steps she takes to arrive to her true destination is unique. My job is to gently tease and tug it out of them; helping them to take their idea(s) from dreaming to doing.


The iconic Eileen Fisher had her own unique path to success. She started off in college as a math major when she found herself one evening on the floor with her interior designer roommate picking out colors, fabrics, and designs. She eventually became an interior and graphic designer.


However, in 1984 Eileen Fisher started her clothing line for a very personal reason, she was having trouble getting dressed. In her mind she kept seeing simple shapes for clothes. She wanted to make the clothes beautiful by using certain shapes and proportions that worked well with great fabrics, and colors. With only $350 in her bank, and only four shape designs she took her work to the Boutique Show in New York. There she received $3000 in orders which encouraged her and gave her the confidence to expand her line. Her second show brought in $40,000 in orders. She went from being Eileen Fisher to EILEEN FISHER INC.


Today Eileen Fisher is recognized worldwide for her fashion designs. I admire her courage to take risks; listen to her heart; and for her continued support of other women owned businesses. For 10 years EILEEN FISHER INC has been awarding grants to women owned businesses. For more information on these grants go to: http://www.eileenfisher.com/EileenFisherCompany/CompanyGeneralContentPages/SocialConciousness/Women_Owned.jsp


Women helping women to succeed is one of the cornerstones of my practice. It’s my goal to one day be the recipient of an ELIEEN FISHER Women-Owned Business grant.

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