For whatever it is you desire–Dress the Part

Dress the Part

If you want to feel good….dress the part.

If you want to be confident ….dress the part.

If you want to have greater self –esteem…dress the part.

If you want to achieve successful….dress the part.

If you want to be productive…dress the part.

These days I want to wear clothes that bring out my fun yet professional side—so I dress the part.

For example, I splurged on this hot pink Kate Spade because it fits all the things I need going to a meeting with my clients, such as my iPad, sketch book and journal. And it’s also ideal because I can bring it along to the pool with my kids.

According to Jennifer Baumgartner author of “You are What you Wear: What your Clothes Reveal about You”, the clothing you put on are an incredibly accurate indicator of what you think of yourself and your life. As I transition from full time Stay at Home Mommy to Part-Time working Mommy, I am wearing clothes that reflect my inner world.   Clothes that bring out my personality, make me feel happy, confident, successful, pretty, and productive—these are the qualities that reside within me.

What is it that resides within You? If you need help bringing it to the surface drop me a line at, or

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5 Responses to For whatever it is you desire–Dress the Part

  1. This is so true, really love your posts. They seem to trigger a bit of soul searching about what I can be doing better for myself. Always a good thing as we continue to grow.

  2. your outfit looks great mary ann! great post on how we can let what we wear uplifts us! so true when i feel less confident and creative, and i dress that way!

  3. Sharon says:

    You’re spot on with this post. And I LOVE your bag!

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