A Bakers Tale

WonderlandMoms if you’re looking to take your kids to a whimsical storybook themed bakery for some sweets try “A Bakers Tale, located at 2127 W. Division St Chicago”, you’ll love the food and the imaginative atmosphere. I stumbled upon this place while flipping through Best of Chicago Magazine as I was seated in the waiting room of the Dentist office.

A Bakers Tale, started out one day when Christine LaSorda, owner and executive pastry chef wanted to combine her two passions baking and reading. So she whipped up this fanciful idea of turning the space into an Alice in Wonderland Adventure, with décor and treats resembling the fairy tale. The description of the place had me hooked.

So one quiet Saturday we loaded up our SUV, and headed to Chicago’s Wicker Park area to experience the adventure. As we entered, we were all struck by the decorative tree in the front seating area. My daughter noticed that the leaves were made from pages of the book. I loved it, books and literature all around. Inspiration and creativity covered the place, even on the tables. We ordered our treats, and enjoyed them all, our favorites were the peanut butter s’mores…delicious. Moms, this is one of those unique spots your daughter will love.

It was defiantly worth our trip, all five of us enjoyed our treats, laughing and giggling at our own unique adventure down the rabbit hole.

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