Learn who you are- to Love who you are

OctoberIf you are interested in gaining further insight into the uniqueness that is you—you may want to try this exercise.   Without giving it to much thought, grab 3-4 objects. Now arrange them by using or not using your creativity, whatever feels natural. Grab your smartphone or digital camera, snap a photo, and let the learning begin.


For me I chose the month of October. October has in the past symbolized a happy and sad month, a time of change and renewal. A beginning of one thing and an end with others.


If you look at this picture my fresh kale salad symbolizes my commitment to nourish my body with healthy, flavorful and visually appealing foods. I love kale salads, especially because it is filled with antioxidants which helps protect against cancers. It has also been shown to lower cholesterol levels.


I love lemon in my water, but recently I’ve started adding strawberries. Again I make my food and drinks look visually appealing because it makes me want to reach for the water instead of ice tea.


My colored pens in this picture symbolize my passion for writing, developing valuable content, creativity and starting something new and exciting.


My big insights is that while I want to continue to nourish my body with healthy foods, I also want to nourish my professional self. I want to do this by pursuing my creative work which is writing, coaching, and creating.


If you were to choose four objects what would they be? What would they symbolize to you? And what could you learn about yourself?

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