What I gained from taking a risk—my experience at a Girlfriends Gone Wild Event

You must not have a pulse if the title didn’t at least peak your interest or cause you to raise an eyebrow. While spending a weekend on a beach sipping a Pina colada by the pool with twenty of my girlfriends may sound like a great time, this was not the Girlfriends Gone Wild event I am talking about.

Instead I spent an evening with one of the coolest Master Life Coaches Susan Hyatt, at one of the coolest restaurants in Chicago, connecting with some of the coolest women who are ready to:

  • step up their game in life
  • start taking risks moving towards the things they crave
  • take action on the things that are important to them


It was electrifying, and inspiring to witness other women besides me, claim that they want more out of life.

The evening was about identifying things that you really want, recognize obstacles that are in the way, and then break through to make your dreams happen. As Susan calls it, create what you crave.

So here it goes! My BIG CRAVE is having a thriving business where I can balance my family responsibilities and still have a kick ass, mind-blowing, charged profession helping other Moms DREAM, CREATE, LIVE.

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