A feel Good Friday–A Restaurant experience for all your Senses.

Bohemian House

I love tapping into my inner artistic, free spirit, loud, and spontaneous self. Why? Because it’s so not my typical character. So what better way to do this then take my husband and head over to a new restaurant that recently opened up in Chicago called the Bohemian House (BoHo) located on 11 W. Illinois St. The décor and atmosphere where eye candy for me, I wanted to touch everything, it was so beautiful and eclectic.

I grew up eating Central/Eastern European foods, so I’m familiar with Bohemian authentic flavors and ingredients. But the BoHo food was like no other. Everything from our starters of beet salad, potato pancakes, to our entrée of grilled chicken paprikash had a sophistication and elevated tone that rivals even my Moms home cooking….sorry Mama.

We ended our BoHo experience in deep conversation probably spurred on by our delicious cocktails, the Bohemian Bee, and the Czech-Gria.

With the holiday season quickly approaching I would definitely recommend this place as a fun, and upbeat place to chill, and enjoy the wonderful assortment of cocktails; and tasty foods. Are you ready for this delightful bombardment of each of your senses that is characteristic of the true BoHo experience?

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