A Feel Good Friday- Can your heart guide you to your Mission in Life and Business?


What’s your mission? Has anyone asked you this question before?

For me, my mission is what I call my overall purpose in my life. It’s my declaration of who I am, it provides insight into what really matters to me, and states what I intend to accomplish. My mission helps steer my day-to day decisions.   It is something that I strive for every day— some days I can say that I’ve done my best, other days I fall completely short. Knowing that I’m doing my best, striving, and reaching to live the best life possible is all I need at the end of the day.

As women we tend to hold back on pursuing the things we want, thinking we need to have it all figured out before we put ourselves, and our dreams out there. But the truth is, if we follow our heart, find the things that speak to our core we begin to unlock the things we are most passionate about. Through this pursuit we find our mission in life which will inform the business we choose.

My Mission—to be the finest woman in all areas of my life; and my doing that I want to help other women Dream, Create, Live.

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