8 Day Push for Thanksgiving: Getting yourself and your home ready.


(Spoiler Alert—This is not a Menu Checklist)

The purpose of this checklist is to help you get really inspired and enjoy the process of preparing.

Items already completed

  • Guest list confirmed
  • Menu Planned
  • Pre-order Turkey or pre-order whole dinner
  • Engage kids, see if there is something different they would like, get them involved.

Day 1                     Wednesday November 19—Theme Have Fun

  • Take Care of yourself—Exercise
  • Hydrate—I love drinking water infused with fruit, so add a slice or two of LEMON
  • Book Salon Appointment (Hair Color, Nails, etc)
  • Place order for Desserts or if making your own decide which ones and add items to grocery list

Day 2              Thursday November 20—Theme Smile

  • Some form of exercise—maybe yoga
  • Hydrate-Water infused with Pomegranate today
  • Order Centerpiece at Florist, or if making your own Plan your DIY—I’m making one with my kids so I’m going to get all the supplies

Day 3              Friday November 21—Theme Stay Positive

  • Exercise
  • Hydrate-Water infused with a slice of Kiwi today
  • Plan our your Table:
    • What colors do you want to use?
    • Silverware
    • Tablecloth, glasses for wine and water

Day 4              Saturday November 22—Theme Enjoy-You’re Shopping today

  • Hydrate-Water infused with a slice (or two) of Clementine’s today
  • Grocery Shop for all non-perishable items, and all beverages
  • Whatever you need to complete your table buy today
  • Treat yourself to a new outfit, or at least a new lipstick of perfume-you deserve it.
  • Start cleaning the house, get kids and spouse to help out.
  • Get enough sleep

Day 5:                         Sunday November 23—Theme Rest and Relax

  • Set up table and see what you like or don’t like and adjust
  • Finish up all DIY for table today
  • Fold napkins, great job for one of your kids
  • Rest—perhaps enjoy a green smoothie today
  • Take a bubble bath, add your favorite scent like eucalyptus
  • Get enough sleep



Day 6:             Monday November 24—Theme Think Happy Thoughts

  • Exercise
  • Hydrate—Water Infused with Mint today
  • Take a walk outside today, it’s cold here in Chicago but the fresh air does wonders
  • Clean the House Get it in order

Day 7              Tuesday November 25-Theme Rejuvenate

  • Hydrate-Water infused with a couple of slices Cucumbers today
  • Finalize Menu
  • Finish all grocery shopping
  • Salon day-get pampered, —Do this before kids are out of school for the holidays



Day 8              Wednesday November 26-Theme Breathe on the Eve

  • Hydrate—Water infused with Cranberries today
  • Kids are home-holidays have started
  • Clean any loose ends around house
  • Pick up centerpiece & pre-ordered Turkey
  • Set the table—An elegant table sets the tone for an elegant Thanksgiving
  • Clean up front entrance—Always a great way to make a good first impression
  • Get enough sleep you want to look and feel fresh and energized

Thanksgiving  Day—Show Time—

Open a bottle of Bubbly and have some FUN because

It’s Lights, Camera, Action.

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