5 tips for a jollier holiday shopping season.


Do you want to be a little more organized, and a lot less frazzled instead of feeling rushed, overwhelmed and stressed out? What if you had a few tips to help you enjoy the spirit of the holiday season this year? Wouldn’t it be nice to cut your shopping time in half by having a plan? The tips I am offering are super easy, and really straightforward. Personally, I love having a shopping organizer to help me plan. Why? Because it helps me to stay calm, on budget, and most of all happy during this hectic time of year. With so many holiday gatherings, school functions and work parties it’s easy to get all caught up in the overwhelm of things. This is just not how I want to feel anymore, so that’s why I came up with this simple, and easy to follow ‘5 tips to a jollier holiday shopping season’.

After all, one of the biggest stressors people encounter during the holiday season is gift buying.


Tip 1 -If you do this one tip and don’t even read the next four you will be well on your way to a successful and more joyful holiday.

Take a piece of paper, and list all the people you want to buy a gift for. The list could include the following, (the obvious–your kids, & spouse), children’s teachers, relatives, and people from work.


Tip 2 -Identify a Budget for each person on your list.

With so many people on your list it’s so easy to get caught up and want to buy everything. By having a budget for each person it will be easier to identify what to buy.


Tip 3 -Identify what you want to buy each person, and where to buy the gift (online, store, or gift card)


Tip 4 -Schedule a day on your calendar just for shopping.

Use your list to help guide you where you want to start shopping.


Tip 5 -When you are done with all your holiday shopping enjoy and indulge with your favorite cocktail alongside your favorite person.

In my case that’s a glass of Moscow Mule, cuddled up with my hubby.

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