How can you start a healthier New Year? Here are 4 tips to start you off on the right foot.

Let’s face it change is hard, but I’m here to remind you that any life transformation is possible if you clearly define ‘why’ you want to change. New Year’s resolutions that are made without greater introspection of ‘why’ you must change are frankly going to flop. Here are some helpful tips I used when making my New Year’s resolution of eating healthier.

  • Understand why I want to change. For me I want to eat healthier because:
    1. This new lifestyle makes me feel better
    2. I want more energy for my family
    3. When I make healthier choices I feel happier, yes I noticed my mood change!
    4. I enjoy creating new healthier recipes, I love this!
  • Any sort of lifestyle change requires patience, and of course persistence because the road will get bumpy, and temptation will creep in. So I know that I need to honor the journey. When I do feel like reaching for a few potato chips I will rise above it, be more conscious of my choices and approach it from a better place.
  • Clarify why you expect this change to happen. For me, I know that this can happen because:
    1. I have a support buddy, someone who is just as committed to this change, we are both making this lifestyle change together. We hold each other accountable.
    2. I will show up every day with a new attitude, and begin to leverage my strengths to make this happen.
    3. I deserve it.
  • Friday After Party: At the end of week, I’ll be throwing a small, intimate After Party to celebrate my achievements. For me, I’ll know that I’ve succeeded when I’ve made healthy choices from Monday-Friday. On the weekend, I will continue to make healthy choices, but will be more flexible, but still on the path towards better health.

Here’s to a Healthier, Happier New Year!

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