A Feel Good Friday-Sometimes you just need to go for it

Paddington Bear

This whole week was a lot of fun, trying new things and really putting my work out there. I am wrapping up the week with a fun and festive theme-Paddington Bear Movie Premiere night.

I love books, so I am always looking for ways to integrate literature with fun activities for my kids. With the Paddington Bear movie opening up tonight I thought what a great way to celebrate. I had a few things in the house to put the table theme together; but it wasn’t exactly the way I wanted– I was having second thoughts.

I realized that I didn’t need to have everything in complete order, and looking like it came out of Martha Stewart Living. What was important was that my kids enjoyed the kind gesture, and were able to relive the story and characters their own way.

The point of this blog is that if I continue to wait for the perfect moment, the perfect picture, the perfect time, I may miss out on all the opportunities that are always right here in front of me. Sometimes you just need to go for it, and not worry so much about the little obstacles.

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