The big reveal at the Doctor’s office


I look good, and you know what, I feel good…..or so I thought!

For the past six months, healthy eating, consuming lots of water, and consistent exercise has become part of my daily routine. I felt light, I felt healthy, and most of all I felt beautiful. Getting on a scale to weigh myself didn’t feel necessary, I was doing all the right things and most of all I was feeling so good.

I must confess ever since having my third child I really have not done the best job at taking care of myself. Routine doctor appointments were just not on my radar, I was busy taking care of everyone else.

So what changed my mindset? I was about to turn 40—yikes!

Six months before my fortieth birthday, I did a complete overhaul of my life. I craved a healthy and balanced life. Green smoothies, delicious salads, legumes, lean meats, water infused with fruit not only became my go to meals, they became what I loved preparing and sharing.

After my fortieth birthday I decided it was probably time to make an appointment with my family doctor, I went in for a routine visit. Before seeing the doctor, the nurse asked me to step up on the scale, she wanted to check my weight. With a huge grin on my face I patiently waited for the magic number to appear, and when it did my heart sank. I remember turning to the nurse and asking her if the scale was correct, she looked at the number and said yes it is. Thoughts like “I couldn’t possibly weigh this much, how could this be right”, floated around in my mind.

With one fell swoop I felt my happiness vanish as I witnessed my weight. While the rest of the doctor’s visit went relatively well, all in all I’m in pretty good shape and in good health which is the most important thing. I was still stuck on that stupid number…my weight….I knew that if I focused on that number it was going to drag me down, it could also bring up self-deprecating thoughts about my body. I didn’t want to go there.

Before getting back into my car I made the decision to not let my weight get in the way of continued healthy choices; I knew that I also wanted to continue my journey of well-ness; and most of all I knew that feeling good on the inside is such a vital blessing that will give me the motivation to remain positive and move forward in making healthy, sustainable changes in my life.

Now back at home, I am still eating healthy, drinking lots of water, exercising, and happily engaged with my family, these are the key ingredients to a healthy lifestyle, not that number that popped up when I stepped on the scale.

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  1. nna0325 says:

    Good for you! Keep eating healthy

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