What’s preventing you from moving your career or projects forward? The answer could surprise you.

My home office

I read somewhere that clutter represents postponed decisions and the inability to move forward. With this in mind I started to de-clutter my desk.

My desk area is a space I like to store old material that ‘I think I might need or use one day’.

I love magazines and books, they provide daily inspiration and insight for me, so throwing them out seemed out of the question. But once I started digging in I found more than just old magazines. What I found quite literally shocked me. I found all my old performance reviews from my previous career, all my old communication pieces and reports I had written in my previous positions. I didn’t realize that I still had all these old, and useless materials. By holding on to these old documents I felt like I wasn’t letting go of the past.

All this old stuff seemed like it was weighing down my desk, and probably subconsciously weighing me down with memories of stress and anxiety. I grabbed several garbage bags and started throwing things out.

My desk area looks much better, ready to work and start producing new projects that reflect my new career and a new and improved state of mind.

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