99 days of Summer-Day 24


Celebrate all your birthdays as if it were a milestone.

While packing some boxes yesterday I stumbled upon some baby pictures of my husband. I realized these would make a cute discussion piece for the family birthday dinner I was preparing for my him. As I gathered the pictures, I realized that I also wanted to set the table using the pictures.  Then I realized I wanted to use the thoughtful quotes my kids wrote on his birthday card, so I printed the quotes and put them on each heart. One by one the pieces started to fit. In a matter of minutes I realized this was no longer just a dinner it was going to be a party. I ordered balloons, I brought out three red paper lanterns I had left over from Valentines day.  Before I knew it, the theme was hearts-heartfelt-love-admiration-all this blanketed the table. And this is was emerged—the baby pictures were a huge hit with all—especially my kids—we laughed-we cried-we ate-we drank—and most of all we celebrated this wonderful person.

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