99 days of Summer-day 76


I’ve always been in awe of the precision and technical abilities of engineers and computer scientists, in my opinion—wizards. Up until a few years ago, I viewed my people skills, the ability to pick up on social nuances, to connect, communicate and write as far less practical. Realistically, I didn’t think I could leverage my skills in a way that others would find valuable; until I started creating and engaging in things that came naturally to me, that doors started to open. Similarly this article in Forbes magazine writes that philosophy majors are finding non-technical (unconventional) career paths in Silicon Valley. Their skills in connecting with end users; figuring what people want and then getting stakeholders to all agree is a skill set that is extremely sought after and revered.

My point, follow your heart, play to your strengths you’ll be happier and if this article is any indication you’ll probably be able to leverage your skills(strengths) to fit any job market. All it requires is a little creativity.

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