99 days of Summer- day 87


Play for the love of the sport, not for the love/approval of others is his philosophy.

On day one, soccer, hockey, swimming were drilled inside him, with 5:30am wake up calls to practice skating in his backyard. Practice, was all he knew. He wanted to be the best, and he was. This person my husband-Anton. These days as I see him kick a soccer ball with laser like precision, or glide on the ice with technique that I see only NHL players possess, or when I see him casually finesse from a back stroke to the butterfly style while swimming with our kids, I’m still in disbelief. Why? Because he doesn’t push our kids. His love is not contingent upon playing a sport. Sure he loves that they want to play sports, but it’s different. In his wise opinion, life is too short to be doing/playing/performing just so others will accept/appreciate/love us.

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