99 days of Summer- 94

The Doctors wife is the pillar of strength. When I married my husband 15 years ago today, I knew the profession of Medicine would take me to faraway places. It would test my devotion & stamina each step of the way.   The hardest part is being alone, raising a family, and holding down the fort. The truth is there were moments when I truly hoped that he would kiss the profession of medicine, and the pressure cooker of a surgeon’s life goodbye. I share this with the world in an attempt to shed light on the rough parts of marriage and being the ‘Doctors wife’. While I respected the profession, I did not respect the toll it was taking on him and on us. A lot of work has gone into understanding this partnership. How can I make it better? I made it better, by accepting & working through each step. Today we celebrate a young love that has endured. This journey, while bumpy made us better people today.

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  1. Brigitte says:

    Happy Anniversary! I was thinking of the two of you (and Christian and Michelle!) and am so very happy to wish you congratulations on 15 years!

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