99 days of Summer-day 98


Go for it, what do you have to lose?

I saw someone yesterday whom I haven’t talked to in years. I was sure they wouldn’t recognize me. I debated whether or not to approach them. Thoughts of doubt ran through my head. Why even bother? You won’t have anything to talk about? What if they completely dismiss me? Then I just remember saying to myself, I’m saying Hello. I did, and I’m so happy for it. This tiny act of ‘go for it’ made me realize several things.

First, if I remain a quiet, keep to myself kinda girl then that’s what all my experiences will be.

Second, it’s up to me to create the experiences I want, the interactions that bring me joy.

Third, it made me think about all the past lost opportunities I had to connect with others. Why didn’t I approach someone I wanted to? Why did I hold back? This tiny shift in my thinking made me realize that I want to ‘go for it’ in areas like business and friendship/connection. That’s what my 99 days of summer has taught me, “just go for it”, what do I have to lose?

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