A book review-Shotgun Lovesongs


Shotgun Lovesongs resembles a classic American anthem story. Four childhood friends grow up in a small town in Wisconsin. The center of their friendship, a woman loved and adored by all. Marrying one of the boys means that another will be forever heartbroken. The impact of this heartbreak gives way to happiness in other forms but never fully fills the deep void she leaves behind.

I enjoyed the book enough to keep reading, but there were snippets that seemed to drag on. I appreciated how the author Nickolas Butler really took his time developing the characters. This gave the reader a deep understanding of the inner most thoughts of each personality. What I loved most was the profound affection these four men had for their town of Little Wig. The magnetic pull drawing these men to come back and build a life in this town was admirable. This place represented simplicity, harmony and unbroken friendships.  The pillars of an American classic.

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