Picture-perfect Pumpkin Parfait


I set out to do something I’ve never really tried before.  Lately this ‘stepping out and trying new things’ is become a major theme in my life, and I must say it feels great. I wanted to create a healthy smoothie/dessert combo. So I came up with this pumpkin parfait. Each layer of goodness beckoning the next.

I made myself a ‘tester’ and devoured it.

I was so excited because I knew my husband was just going to love it; but then something happened just seconds into his first mouthful.  He said it was bland. What, really, are you sure? He did offer some constructive feedback which I will incorporate in my next parfait recipe. In the meantime, enjoy this ‘picture-perfect pumpkin parfait’.

And by the way, he too devoured his parfait.

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  1. looks delicious!!! recipe?

  2. Niki Campbell says:

    This looks amazing – I look forward to your posts daily and you are unbelievably talented! How did you make the parfait? I’m dying to try it! xo, Niki

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