Tips for dealing with a ‘Bad Boss’ & protecting your health


Healthy living is so much more than eating good food and exercise.

Having a positive and supportive work environment is equally critical to one’s overall health and wellbeing. We often bring home the emotional byproducts of our professional experiences.

So what do you do when your boss is frustrating, but you love your work? Do you quit?

One client came to me with this dilemma. She said “I’m quitting my job, because I just can’t stand my boss.”

My client was torn. She was working in a toxic environment, her boss was extremely demanding, overbearing and annoying. However, her collogues were supportive and exuded a ‘work hard but laugh at yourself’ environment;   Plus she truly enjoyed the work she was producing and the big projects she was overseeing.

I believe that there are times when quitting is the best option, but there are also times when trying other strategies is reasonable. Just remember if the situation is so bad; than no job is worth losing your health and sanity. But if you think there is some wiggle room to rectify the situation than try these suggestions:

  • Limit a toxic person’s power. Without overloading your schedule try and start working on different projects, assignments that are in alignment with your work but allow you to report to a different Vice President/Director/Manager in your organization.
  • Start closing your door. Simple but strategic. Closed door will signal to your Boss….”Don’t come in because I need to focus and get the job done.”
  • Separate the ‘critique from its delivery’. When your boss starts ripping into your work and criticizes the direction you are taking the report/project, just listen. And if you disagree then calmly voice your reasons and back them up with facts. Sometimes there is valuable information in the critique; it’s the “delivery” which is harsh and inappropriate. These individuals often don’t realize that there constructive criticism is being delivered in a destructive tone or manner.

Again, these are some simple strategies that may help you in dealing with a difficult boss. However, if your boss is chipping away at your self-worth, and self-esteem than its time to completely re-evaluate your situation and start planning alternative work environments. You deserve to be happy, which directly translates to healthy.

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