What armor do you use to protect yourself from exercising?


Juggling many things at once was always my jam. But when my third child was born something changed, and I began feeling that things were sliding into a pattern of just ‘good enough’.   I remember feeling great if I could get to the end of the day with just getting by. Working on my post baby weight fit into that minimal effort slump.

I tried to get out and exercise but it felt so laborious, the amount of mental effort to focus on myself felt so foreign. Honestly, looking back it also felt good to be stuck, because it kept me from moving. It was my shield and a protective armor that I used to excuse myself from finding an exercise regime that fit my style and life.  I found myself saying things like:

“I’ll start exercising when my baby turns 6 months old”; or

“I can’t make the gym today I have to volunteer at the kids school”; or

“I feel so tired, I just can’t make it to the gym today”.

I remember feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin, my thoughts of discomfort and shame for my body riddled inside my head. It was these thoughts that kept me from moving in the direction that felt good and healthy.

So what changed? I reached a tipping point where I felt so miserable, all I knew was that I wanted to feel better. So I reached for a glass of water…..yes that’s how my journey of self-care started. I started to drink water infused with fresh fruit. My water infused with fruit felt like nourishment for my soul. It blanketed my heart and made me feel good, and that was the start for me. Nothing too intimidating, or difficult just clean and simple.

Today, I am eating simple, delicious, healthy foods that fuel my body. No longer feeling shame for my appearance, rather moving in a constant direction that feels like love. I am now helping other women love themselves, feel amazing in their current bodies, and showing them how to uncover more joy in their daily life. Through my 6 week BARE program I want to help you feel the joy I experience every day.  Email me at malifecoach@gmail.com to claim your spot.

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