My–No Bah Humbug here–Cocktail


December is a month for enjoying and indulging.   However, I have noticed that I tend to eat a lot more and spend a lot more money during this time, and rightfully so—-but then January rolls around and I wish I held back just a wee little bit.

If I don’t have a plan, meaning if I don’t eat a sensible/ healthier meal at home before hitting the holiday party I know that I will try way too many creamy appetizers, and sweet drinks.  Similarly, I know if I go out shopping without an idea of ‘how much’ I want to spend on each person, I will over spend, leaving my bank account dwindling in January.  Now, who wants to start off the New Year feeling heavier and depleted?  Have a plan people your health depends on it… bah humbug here….just positive practical cheer.


My– No Bah Humbug here– Cocktail

1 part Ketel One Vodka, I infused with fresh rosemary

1 part Joseph Cartron Pamplemousse Rose

2 parts Perrier pink grapefruit sparkling water

Garnish using cranberry ice cubes

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