4 months in Paris-What would you do?


It’s all about realizing the opportunities in your everyday life.

 It was January 5, 1996 and I was off on a four month study abroad program to Paris.  At first glance you might think what an amazing opportunity that would be, but it was never my intention to go to Paris. You see, my university Political Science Department was offering yearly study abroad programs to Krakow Poland. I was keen to study the political downfall of the Iron Curtain which culminated in the tearing down of the Berlin Wall.  I gently broke the news to my new boyfriend of 1 month (now my hubby), my parents, and informed my dorm that I wasn’t returning for the second semester.  And then SHOCK – I got word that plans suddenly changed due to the Sociology Department taking over the study abroad program.  Instead of studying politics in Eastern Europe, I was going to Paris to study French food, music, cinema and culture.  I expect that for most of you this would be a dream come true, but remember I was an overly ambitious, high-achieving Political Science major. YIKES – I was also going to have to exhaust all my elective courses in one semester.  I felt my heart drop.  I was so discouraged and disappointed.  I persevered and moved forward, but little did I know what was about to happen to me once I landed in Paris.  My four month stay in this beautiful country was going to set the foundational work for the woman I am today.

I invite you to join me every Sunday,  as I post ideas and inspirations of how you too can show up fully in your life and extract as much joie de vivre (joy) in the city you are currently living in, traveling or being diverted to as if you were going to Paris France.

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