Love yourself first


In order to experience full Joie de Vivre (joy) you must love yourself first; unconditionally and unapologetically.

My 6th and final week of fully showing up in the city you are currently living in to experience as much joie de vivre (joy) has been so much fun.  Read this…..I know you’ll LOVE it.

Twenty years ago, when I first stepped on to the Champs Elysees on Valentine’s Day I was a student, and the thought of spending money frivolously on myself seemed outrageous.  “I must hold on, save my money, not spend on useless things,” were my thoughts.  Over the years these unhealthy thoughts showed up in the following subtle actions.

‘Hold on tight’ would show up by not taking healthy risks in my career, especially when I knew my ideas were great.  I wanted to speak up, and find my voice in a sea of excellence, but I held back.  Instead, I held on tight to my belief that others were smarter than me.

I’m not going to spend money on myself, meant ‘I’m not worthy’, and ‘I don’t value myself’.  For me, it translated to putting up with bad or one-sided relationships.  I certainly wasn’t spending a lot of money beautifying my outer self; which also meant I wasn’t honoring or spending the time setting healthy boundaries, or eliminating damaging relationships.

Instead of getting clarity on the things, relationships, healthy risks I wanted to take, I was spinning my wheels on ‘useless ones’.

So what changed?  Loving myself, and slowing down long enough to hear my heart beat. Living a healthy life translated into having the bravery to put my work out into the world; to spending money beautifying myself; to inviting positive and supportive relationships into my sphere; and finally going full force ahead to achieve my big dreams.

Today, this is what loving myself has translated into and I continue to move forward each and every day with this work in progress.  How about you?  You may think you love yourself, but maybe it isn’t exactly so. Are there examples in your life where you are short-circuiting the opportunity to reach your full potential?

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