You have the dream—now go make it happen!

It’s one thing to have iPula Colliseumdeas, goals, and to have a dream. But it’s another thing to start taking the steps to bring your dream to life. You get stuck in the execution phase or perhaps even earlier, because you begin to feel stunned by the grandness of everything that goes into fulfilling a dream. The ‘how to make it happen’ can truly feel overwhelming, confusing and downright paralyzing.

I know this stage all too well, because I’ve been there, and I’ve seen one to many of my dreams fizzle away because I didn’t act. Or worse I saw others execute versions of what I wanted to bring to life, and this made me feel incredibly disappointed. Instead of using this disappointment to motivate me, I allowed this feeling to dig me deeper into self-loathing, building one excuse after another as to why I didn’t bring my dreams to life.  So what changed? My attitude.

I started to see my life as a series of choices that I was making, that all was in my control, and it really was all up to me.

For example, if I made the choice to start a business. What helped keep me from overanalyzing, over thinking, was to break the goal/dream down into small manageable tasks. Making the ‘choices’ to complete these tasks began to feel invigorating building up the inertia that ultimately led me to my desired destination.

My choices felt manageable, I felt in control, and I gained a stronger sense of purpose as I began to realize that I was actually moving closer toward the execution of my dream rather than being buried by it. This amazing ‘feeling state’ helped me gain momentum. Suddenly, major shifts where happening. When I stepped away and evaluated my yearly progress I realized the tremendous progress I made. Sometimes you had to take a step back and recognize where you started from and just how far you’ve come over a period of time.

I remember thinking, did I really make this happen? Yes I did! And you can too!

If there is a dream you want to bring to life, then let’s talk about it. I am confident that I can guide you to wherever it is you’d like to go; because sometimes all you need is another set of eyes, some encouragement, and a firm resolve to change from your previous patterns that left you unfulfilled. Remember, I have been there and I know what it takes to get you on track to fulfilling your dreams.

For the month of July, I am scheduling one on one coaching luncheons at my home. You bring the dream, and I’ll make the healthy lunch, served on a beautiful inviting table that will most certainly get your creative energy flowing; filling you up with inspired action ready to bring your dream to life.

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