Friday Fashion–Décolletage….how dare I bare.

By Ella MossI never really noticed that my clothes had a way of hiding my true self. For the longest time I didn’t want to stand out, I didn’t want to be seen, I didn’t want to be the Mom who was leading groups and organizing events. That part of my personality had become totally dormant.
I had no idea that over time I was building a metaphorical fortress around me; and my clothes completely reflected this suffocating state of mind.

I found myself picking and wearing clothing that felt heavy, dark, and concealing. This fortress protected me from taking professional risks, from creating, and sharing my work with the world. It kept me closed in.

Just like food can become a symbolic representation of where we aren’t acting in alignment with who we really are, so too can our wardrobe.

So what changed? I started to share my story of renewal, rejuvenation, my healthy recipes, and my family tablespaces, and suddenly the fortress around me started to crumble piece by piece. I was feeling amazing, and with these positive feelings came a newfound appreciation for how clothes can make us all feel. The more I allowed my true self to shine through my work; the more my new wardrobe mirrored my approach to life.

Today, I’m wearing something a little more revealing than I normally would wear, and it feels liberating. I love empowering women so much that I went through my mentor Susan Hyatt’s Bare certification program, and now teach other incredible women to show up, and speak up in a way that feels liberating for them. Because there is something remarkably powerful that happens to our lives when we declare our desires.

*BTW thanks to my sister for picking out this sexy sultry romper from as designed by Ella Moss.
Courtesy by Joie de Vivre Coaching
Bare Certified Coach

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