Girlfriends are the best-or can be your worst nightmare

Countdown to Valenetine’s day is on, and my gloves are off.

Today, its all about the special women in my life who have ‘always’ been around to hear me, with compassion, empathy and kindness; and not judgement, and/or abandonment. Friendships can be the best thing ever.  But unhealthy friendships can be our greatest pain

The ugly truth is that I’ve had friends in my life who have loosely fit into one of these groups.

1) Friends who only want to hear happy news, sad things makes them feel uncomfortable.

2) Friends who feel they have to ‘one up you’ on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. If you think you’re having a bad day honey, well let me tell you my story.

3) Friends who can’t possibly understand your desire for personal or professional growth. Any sort of change in your life makes them feel upset; or unbalanced in some sort of way.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to have lunch with some  ‘special women’, and I’m seeing others tonight, I’m on a call with another tomorrow. If you have just one special woman/friend in your life that makes you feel seen, heard and valued, call, text, and connect with them today.

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