Every girls drink

Every little girls needs her own mocktail- am I right?

Today, I decided to make my daughter a special after school drink that was going to send her taste buds to paradise.   The one thing I knew was that I wanted it to be pink, for Valentine’s Day.

As I searched the grocery store aisle my eyes became fixated on this Cotton Candy ice cream.  I instantly knew this was going to be part of my daughters new drink.  From there, I picked up a bottle of raspberry flavored sparkling water and headed home.

Here is the creation I came up with


Ingredients-makes 1 drink

-Raspberry sparkling water

-Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Directions: In a martini glass pour about 2 ounces of sparkling rasperberry sparkling waster, add a dollop of ice cream and enjoy.

For an alcoholic version for Mom and Dad, add an ounce of Raspberry Grand Mrarnier.


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