Tablescapes-Romance begins with a feast for the eyes & Transports you to a special place

For a true emotional connection that transcends all those extravagant material things try planning an affectionate evening over a beautiful tablescape.

A thoughtful tablescape can evoke a mood, reanimate a fond memory, or create a new and visceral experience by transporting you to a romantic location/environment. Valentine’s Day, is one day of the year that gives us full permission to pull out all the stops when it comes to expressing our love. I like to think of it as your calendar reminding you to celebrate love openly and honestly; rather than an obligation to fake it frivolously.

Over the years I feel like there has been somewhat of a backlash against Valentines day, calling it grossly commercialized. Arguably, if you feel this way you don’t need to take your cue from the calendar to create romance on a regular basis and so my tips still apply to you.

Yes, I know flowers and chocolate seem more expensive on this day, but with a few simple tricks you can make this day yours to remember without breaking the bank. Here are some easy ways to remind your partner that you think he/she is the ‘bee’s knees’.

For me, it’s the simple gestures that make my heart melt. When I say simple, I’m talking about a pleasurable dinner at home, on a beautiful tablescape. If you or your partner don’t like to cook, than order your favorite take out and enjoy with a glass of bubbly, on a well planned out table. Here are some tips for making your Valentines table come to life;

1) Flower- yes please splurge here. Red, pink or purple roses, or for a more inexpensive flower pick carnations. Trust me, it’s the thought and effort you put into the purchase rather than the type of flower. Arrange your flowers in a vase and place them on the table. Use a regular water glass if you don’t own a vase.











2) Candles are a must, they set the right ambiance with very little effort. Head to your nearest dollar store and pick out some white candles and candle holders if you don’t own a set or two. Set 4 candles on your table.

3) Place a white tablecloth over the table. If you don’t own one, improvise. Perhaps use several clean dish towels for a more rustic feel. Or for a completely unconventional look try a clean flat bed sheet. HA HA it could be a true conversation starter.

4) Make a playlist of your partner’s favorite tunes and have it playing in the background. Sure hope my hubby knows, the ‘right’ music to my ears.

5) Don’t forget to talk, a lot. My favorite part of any dinner is the conversation that spills out effortlessly. Inquire, and be curious about your partners day. There’s something so very sexy about my spouse caring in great depth about my day, my life, my hopes and dreams.

Now that I’ve given you some ideas for making your Valentine’s Day table special it’s up to you to decide what you want for dessert.

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