3 top reasons you should start cooking.

Do you like to cook?  Cooking was not something I always enjoyed.

In fact I use to put it off until the last minute, which usually meant that I was scrambling to get a healthy meal ready for myself at lunch.  Yes, I’m one of those Moms who works from home.   I always thought that ‘healthy’ meant that I stuck in the kitchen for a real long time, pouring over a million ingredients.  Yikes-who has the time for that?  Not this Mama.

If you have the opportunity to cook at home, I say go for it.  WHY?

1. You control the amount of salt you add to your meals

2.  You control the amount of sugar/sweetness you add or don’t add to your salad dressings.

3. It’s fresh-no preservatives.

4.  Its budget friendly-  Oops I said in my title that I was going to give you 3 top reasons.  Well, consider this a bonus, who doesn’t love to save some moolah.

Of course you will find me hanging out in some of my favorite restaurants around town, but the majority of my meals are homemade.   Fresh, usually organic, wholesome, figure friendly, I’m feeling great in my jeans, type of food.

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