3 ways Moms are closing the door on their passion projects.

Mom’s be Seen- Uncover your Confidence-aka-Acknowledge-Express-Take Action on what you want from life. Confidence helps you take the first step in pursuing your passion project, especially if you’ve been busy being a full time Mom. BUT wait, before you embark on this new path, I thought it might be helpful to highlight some ways you might be holding yourself back. Closing the door on yourself before you even start.

Moms, do you see yourself in one of these categories?

The ‘Yeah But’ Mom.
Moms in particular have a lot of guilt which holds them back from going after the things that pull on their heart strings. Many times we talk ourselves out of new opportunities because we feel we shouldn’t or can’t. For example, you are offered a new project that checks off all your passion boxes, but then you second guess your abilities; or maybe you start putting parameters around your time. You tell yourself that your kids need you after school, therefore you can’t possibly start this new project. Before you know it, you have a list of excuses as to why you can’t pursue this amazing opportunity that has just landed your way.

ACTION: STOP for a second and really look long and hard at your ‘excuses’ and notice how you are using them to hold you back. Now start letting go of these excuses, or enlist your spouse in helping you.

The Moms with no Passion idea
You’re the Mom who doesn’t know what’s pulling on your heart strings. All you know is that you are feeling frustrated, antsy, or bored. These are uneasy feeling— why? Because we live in a culture that praises productivity. Idle time is seen as wasted. Instead of slowing down, sitting back and reflecting on what you really want, you fill you time with ‘busy work’. Busyness is a BITCH, because it keeps you distracted.

ACTION: write down all the activities in your day that are not activating your pleasure points and start noticing what you can begin scratching off your list. Then notice things -people-situations throughout your day that grab your attention, and interest. Begin to add more of these good experiences to your life.

The Green with ENVY Mom
Envy, annoyed, bitter, are all negative emotions that are blocking you from your own joy. They wear you out, causing you to lose focus on your own goals. Moms, stop the comparison trap, it’s damaging you and your health.

ACTION: First, don’t avoid your emotions, don’t push them down or ignore them. Instead use these negative emotions as information, your GPS to guide you towards prioritizing yourself and your needs. Self-compassion is a wonderful tool. Recognize how you talk to yourself, what is your inner dialogue, what are you telling yourself? Start to become more aware. Then use this information to navigate and improve yourself, instead of focusing on what your neighbor is achieving.

Now that you know some of the pitfalls of fully actualizing your passion project, have the confidence to begin moving in a direction that helps you be a happier Mom. Pursuing your passion project is important, don’t close the door on yourself.

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