Moms-1 clear sign you ‘uncovered’ your passion project

I didn’t know where or how to begin. To be honest I never thought of myself as a creative person. Well, that’s a lie. The only time I considered myself remotely creative was when I was a child.

Several years ago, I was a busy Mom trying to do it all for my family, to the point of burnout. I didn’t have time for frivolous things like creating floral arrangements, calligraphy writing, or setting a beautiful table, especially with baby attached to my hip. Although, I would always encourage my kids to engage in creative things instead of having them watch T.V or play on their electronics.

I recalled a time, as a young girl where I would spend hours perfecting my handwriting abilities. It was an art form that brought me so much joy, and quiet time. I wrote quotes in calligraphy and then displayed them in my room. I loved to do this as a child, but now I was a Mom and I couldn’t be bothered with something so juvenile. Instead, I bought my daughter a calligraphy workbook in hopes that she would love this craft. For a little while she enjoyed it, but this love affair was short lived. She had other things to do, like play with her dolls, paint, and run outside with friends.

Oh well I thought, as I found myself picking up the calligraphy pen and slowly re-entering that calm, quiet place in my brain that just felt so comforting yet so foreign as a busy Mom. What felt like a couple short minutes had in reality been a few hours, as I heard my youngest baby calling from his bed…..Mama…Mama….Mama.

Snapped back into reality, into Mom mode I went to scoop up my baby from his nap.

I dropped the calligraphy pen and this beautiful place of tranquility, and went to care for my baby.

Later that night as my kids were tucked in bed, I picked up the pen and started practicing calligraphy. I had forgotten many of the techniques, but that was alright as I would start again the next day.

As I envisioned myself waking up the next morning, drinking coffee and practicing my calligraphy I could feel this sudden rush of energy sweep over my body. I realized this was the whisper of a calling I had been secretly hoping would come. This tiny whisper was my sign to continue on with this art form. WHY? Because it activated something that I had buried for years; and that was a return to my childhood passion. An activity that brought me so much satisfaction, and most of all peace and a sense of happiness.

This activity was outside my regular Mom responsibilities that I could re-learn, engage, and produce. You see, this was something that I had full control over. It was completely up to me if I wanted to pursue this amazing activity, and devote my time and energy towards.

Fellow Moms, this was the beginning of something that would later activate more passion in other areas of my life. It was a ‘tiny’ springboard for other ‘bigger’ amazing things to come.

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