About Me

Four years ago I had no idea what I was passionate about (well besides my family).  Feeling stuck, and frustrated, I decided to do something about it.  Up until then, my entire life was based on my academic achievements, and using my right brain (you know the side responsible for all your rational, analytical thinking) to define my success.

I knew it was time for a change, so I focused inward, and developed a methodology based on joy. The results were astonishing—my passion of designing inviting gatherings was implemented—Tablescapes in Style—was born. Today, I’m decorating beautiful tables and centerpieces for my family, friends and now clients. Who ever would have thought I could do something like this? I’m here to tell you it’s possible.

Today this Passion Project has expanded beyond my expectations, and I want to help you discover and implement your passion project. That’s why I created a mentoring program to help Stay at Home Moms, stop hiding and start bringing their unique gifts, skills and talents into the world.

NOW it’s time for your discover your Passion Project, the very thing that is your own, that motivates you, that gets you jumping out of your bed.

Grab your seat and let’s start.


My Credentials


  • Masters of Health Services Administration
  • Masters of Political Science
  • Bachelor of Honors in Political Science

Life Coaching

  • Martha Beck Life Coach Training
  • Bare coaching program with Master Life Coach Susan Hyatt

Health and Wellness

  • Assisted the Vice President of Medicine Capital District Health Authority, Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
    – Leader and coordinator in Physician Health and Wellbeing
  • Strategic Project Manager at the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation
    – Organized and assisted the Nova Scotia Department of Health in province wide health promotion initiatives and determinates of health
  • Workshop experience
    – Coordinated leadership speeches and presentation for past President of the Canadian Medical Association
    – Coordinated workshop for visiting professor, and thought leader in physician health and wellbeing
  • Organized knowledge transfer workshop with nursing department of Dalhousie University

Business and Marketing

  • Marketing Impact Academy- Chalene Johnson
  • 100 Rejection Letters – year long course on branding and pitching with Tiffany Han
  • Perfecting your pitch course with Jennifer Snyder
  • Make it Better Magazine How to Write a Press release course
  • Make it Better Magazine How to start Blogging course
  • Blogging your way course with Holly Becker
  • Blog with Pip course with Pip Lincolne
  • Right Brain Business Planning course with Jennifer Lee
  • Right Brain Product Development playground with Jennifer Lee