About Me

My husband and I were at our wits end with the amount of screen time our children were exposed to, truth be told we (as parents) needed to look at our own screen habits. Did you know that the average adult checks there email nine times in one hour. Sounds crazy, but that use to be our life. Busy running around from one activity to the next, rarely connecting with each other, but connecting to our work instead. Multi-tasking was actually distracting us from the people and experiences that mattered most to us. I realized we needed to do something drastic so we implemented a three day digital detox.

I’m not going to lie, it was probably the hardest thing we did, yet probably the most rewarding. After the detox, my kids changed in ways I wasn’t expecting. Heck, we as parents changed too.

Less yelling,
less fighting,
better grades,
greater focus on the important things, and
increased face to face communication.

After the detox my kids went back to using their devices, but it was different. Our family changed and so did our marriage.

The whole experience helped us so much that I realized that I needed to help others.

Today, I take my years as a life coach to help you create a custom media plan that is tailored for your family. I am committed to helping as many families drop their devices and connect more as a unit. Creating family experiences in a digital world is my mission.