About Me

I used to be that mom: I would find any excuse not to exercise. Laundry, volunteering, plugging away on my business. Taking action on myself (AKA exercise) became the first thing I’d let go. The cycle continued until my body started to speak back.

It wasn’t until I saw myself on TV that I realized I had to do something. I saw dark circles under my eyes, a puffy and tired face, I wasn’t smiling.

I couldn’t beleive my eyes, I knew in that moment that I lost sight of me. I had given everything to my family and my career, and very little to myself. Prior to seeing myself on TV, I didn’t put too much effort into my wardrobe, exercise, or healthy eating.

I knew I needed accountability, a shift in perspective, a decluttered life, more structure and simplicity, not a beach body, but a healthy body.

Today, I’m happy to report that I’ve lost weight, but it’s ongoing. I have a schedule that alllows me to be a great Mom/Wife, to have a home business, and still make time for exercise. I making smoothies, I love eating dinners with my family, and I crave travel.

I know you want a healthier you, but I also know that you’ve tried this before, on your own, with little success. This time, you’re ready and committed to trying a new way of living.