About Me

I am an expert in ‘Change‘. Having reinvented my own career and refreshed my entire approach to food and diet; I am confident that I can help you initiate and follow-through with the changes that will bring you the life that you have always wanted. I will guide you into the body and life that you will love.

Several years ago I became stuck in a body and career that felt foreign. As a consequence my life felt unfulfilled. This story isn’t all bad, as there were many things in my professional life that I enjoyed, but I needed a change.

While I had gained valuable experience from my Master’s in Health Services Administration, and I felt invigorated leading Doctors through health and wellness programs. I needed to re-invent myself, but I didn’t know where to start despite the answers being right under my nose.

I was in a body that had given me three beautiful kids, but felt smothered by all the physical changes to it. Feelings of self-loathing and disappointment occupied my mind. I was hiding by covering up my body and my dreams under a shroud of negativity, excuses, and depriving myself of joy. I was afraid to let the world see the beautiful, and smart woman that was buried deep within.

I knew that life coaching would help me break the cycle of excuses that were holding me back. And it did. I learned to rid myself of shame and to stop blaming myself. I replaced my self-loathing mindset with thoughts of compassion, and self-love; which helped me to see the beauty of my body, and evolve into a life I knew I was meant to live.

All these positive changes made me want to reach for food that felt healthy, and comforting. Before long I was drinking water infused with fresh fruit. Slowly, I began to create my own recipes using fresh ingredients that were nourishing and healed my soul.

Today, I love and appreciate my body. I continue to create and cook healthy food. It has given me the strength and most of all the confidence to go after a life I truly want and deserve. I am walking taller, shoulders back, and proud because:

I created a life:
– that is healthy and vibrant
– that is full of joy – my own personal ‘joie de vivre’
– that encompasses a career I love

I’ve taken all my academic and professional experience in the healthcare field to help incredibly smart and capable women uncover their potential. Together I can help you realize the joie de vivre lifestyle that you have always dreamed about.


My Credentials


  • Masters of Health Services Administration
  • Masters of Political Science
  • Bachelor of Honors in Political Science

Life Coaching

  • Martha Beck Life Coach Training
  • Bare coaching program with Master Life Coach Susan Hyatt

Health and Wellness

  • Assisted the Vice President of Medicine Capital District Health Authority, Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
    – Leader and coordinator in Physician Health and Wellbeing
  • Strategic Project Manager at the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation
    – Organized and assisted the Nova Scotia Department of Health in province wide health promotion initiatives and determinates of health
  • Workshop experience
    – Coordinated leadership speeches and presentation for past President of the Canadian Medical Association
    – Coordinated workshop for visiting professor, and thought leader in physician health and wellbeing
  • Organized knowledge transfer workshop with nursing department of Dalhousie University

Business and Marketing

  • Marketing Impact Academy- Chalene Johnson
  • 100 Rejection Letters – year long course on branding and pitching with Tiffany Han
  • Perfecting your pitch course with Jennifer Snyder
  • Make it Better Magazine How to Write a Press release course
  • Make it Better Magazine How to start Blogging course
  • Blogging your way course with Holly Becker
  • Blog with Pip course with Pip Lincolne
  • Right Brain Business Planning course with Jennifer Lee
  • Right Brain Product Development playground with Jennifer Lee