“From the moment I began speaking with Mary Ann it was as if I was reconnecting with an old friend. We have never met but because of her gentle nature and friendly demeanor I felt instantly at ease speaking with her about very personal issues.
Working with her for six weeks helped me focus and get my priorities on track. The weekly check in with her was also a great way for me to stay on task and know that someone would be asking what I had accomplished that week. I am not a very self motivated person and having her on my team to keep me motivated was a huge help.
The BARE program that I participated in was also a very positive experience. I have tried every diet out there but this was not a diet plan, it was a love your life plan. It was a slow down and take stock in what is important and in your own value, no matter what you look like plan.
I would highly recommend Mary Ann as a life coach and a friend.”



“Working with Mary Ann was so amazing! Before I started the Bare program with her I felt like I was stuck.  I knew I wanted to make a change to get healthy and lose weight but I didn’t know where to start as past dieting had failed me.  With her compassionate encouragement I’ve been able to change my thinking about food and my body.  I learned something applicable to me with every session.  Equipped with these new tools, I’ve lost 11lbs since my last doctor visit 2 months ago without dieting or restricting what I eat in any way!! I’d say those results speak for themselves! I would definitely recommend the program and Mary Ann as a coach.”



“I believe the Bare program is extremely beneficial.  The content of the program covers what many suffer with.  I found the self love and self acceptance part refreshing and a good reminder.  Looking at yourself today and putting yourself first was vital for me.  I liked the emphasis on taking care of yourself and working on yourself as you are today, and not who you want to be in 5 pounds or in a month. I would recommend this program to anyone who puts others first before they put themselves.  It forces you to open your eyes to your own actions toward yourself.”