Creative + Cooking Corner

IMG_2170Creativity can leave you feeling bare, in a good way.

Do you want to know a dirty little secret? Something only a few people in my inner circle really know about me? It’s time to confess, and you may find it very hard to believe, especially if you’ve been following me on social media the past year.

My secret…..I am actually a shy, introverted, keep to myself kind of girl. Well I was.

If you were to tell me two years ago that I would be doing videos showcasing my healthy recipes, and sharing tablescape ideas through social media; I would have laughed at the ridiculous possibility.

Growing up, I rarely raised my hand. My voice would crack every time I tried to speak up; and I never shared my work. The thought of displaying my writing, my tablescapes, and my food for the world to see and judge my work terrified me. It made me feel stupid and vulnerable.

What are people going to think? Who am I to share healthy recipes? I don’t have experience in event planning? Who will want to look at my family table? Why bother putting myself through that torture? These and a host of other negative thoughts swirled through my brain. They led to self-doubt and kept me frozen incapable of progress.

However, as I got older things started to shift for me; a sense of boldness and courage started to creep into my blood. My old thoughts of hiding, covering up, playing small, and not speaking my truth were suffocating my soul. Thankfully, this is a story with a happy ending and I was able to recognize what was happening and it spurred me into action—to create ‘Change’. It was time to go bare, to expose my love of creativity and the joy it would bring to my world

I knew that I had things to share through my creativity. So, I decided it was time to spread my message, to begin inspiring other women to cultivate their creativity, to raise my hand and speak, and share my work with all of you.

Why? Because I believe that deep within each of us there is a yearning to show up and to live fully.

Yes, sharing and the uncovering of ‘yourself’ through creativity does feel bare, but you know what? it is exhilaration, and liberating. Kind of like skinny dipping in the moonlight with your love. Now who doesn’t want to feel that?

Come on, dare to bare your creative talents.

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