Joie de Vivre Plan

Page under construction, the only service available is my Find Your Passion Project-Mentorship Program.

My 4 course Joie De Vivre program will  transform you from a person who is unaware of the things that truly light you up; to a person who leaves the table with a deliberate plan for creating a life of joie de vivre.

What if I told you there is a way to:

  • experience more pleasure,
  • have more meaningful interactions,
  • fit more joy into your every day
  • attend and/or host soirées that energize you.

And what if I told you that it all starts with understanding yourself.


Step 1
Uncover the experiences that will bring you joy/pleasure

Step 2
Identify the things holding you back

Step 3
Learn to step outside your comfort zone and begin taking inspired action

Step 4
Celebrate life on a daily basis

• Help developing goals
• Help creating your own MAP (Meaningful Action Plan)
• Table setting tips for hosting a one of a kind soirée

Hire me and lets start creating your joie de vivre plan.  Contact me at to set up a free consultation.