My coaching program is not a diet or detox, rather it’s a lifestyle overhaul. Once you change one area of your life such as exercise and movement, you will naturally being to make other tweaks.

This transformation is not just about your physicial health, its deeper. You will go from a Mom who is always using, the ‘I don’t have any time for exercise” excuse, to the Mama who;

-Plans her weeks with the intention of exercising, and eating better
-Walks into a room with confidence,
-Creates new habits that feel amazing,
-Nourishes her body and soul with fitness, great food and fun.

How this works,
-You and I meet virtually every week for 6 weeks to review the tools and techniques to uplevel your lifestyle.

Topics include
-mindful eating,
-closet decluttering,
-environment decluttering (yes you’ll be making space for greater abundance in your life), and inject more joy in your life.

-You get to ask me any questions, and I help coach you through any obstacles you have with them

LET’s DO THIS-Make the Commitment to yourself. YOUR body will thank you.